Driver Library for Vector Hardware Interfaces

The XL-Driver-Library is a universal programming interface you can use to create your own applications while accessing Vector’s powerful bus interfaces.

The following bus systems are supported

  • CAN / CAN FD
  • LIN
  • FlexRay
  • Automotive Ethernet
  • MOST
  • I/O interface for acquiring analog and digital signals
    (VN16xx, VN89xx interface)

You can get the latest version of the library free-of-charge in our download-center. It contains vxlapi.dll and the .NET wrapper for .NET 3.5 or higher applications.

Access to the Vector Interfaces:

Vector XL-Driver-Library

Features and Advantages:

The XL-Driver-Library provides you with general and bus-specific methods that make it easy to operate the bus interfaces from Vector.
Channels and ports are managed with the general methods. Busspecific methods are used to configure network nodes and to send or receive messages.
It is easy to assign logical application channels to physical device channels via the XL-Driver-Library or with the user-friendly Vector hardware configuration program.
Furthermore, all Vector interfaces can be driven in parallel via the library, e.g. for gateway functions. Simultaneous support of more than one channel for each bus system (multi-channel) makes it possible to implement any desired variation of interface capabilities.

Detailed information is available in the data sheet Detailed information is available in the data sheet.