VT System - I/O-Schnittstellenmodule für den Steuergeräte-Test

Modular Test Hardware: VT System

What is the VT System?

VT System

I/O interface modules for ECU testing

To test ECUs thoroughly, it is not only necessary to connect the communication networks to the test system, it is also necessary to connect the I/O interfaces.

This task is handled by the Vector VT System. It simplifies the setup of test benches and HIL test systems immensely, because it integrates all circuit components needed to connect an I/O channel in one module. Examples of I/O channels are an ECU's output for controlling a headlamp or input for connecting a brightness sensor.

Typical tasks

  • Measurement of output signals (voltage, PWM parameters)
  • Display error states such as line breaks or short circuits
  • Interconnect original sensors and actuators
  • Simulate different loads and sensors

The modules are designed for voltage ranges typically used in the automotive field, and they can also handle high currents such as those that may occur in driving lamps and motors.

Concept of the VT System


When performing functional testing the ECU has to be tested in an environment in which it can see no difference between the real vehicle environment and the testing environment.

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