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vSignalyzer – Professionally Display, Evaluate and Document Measurement Data

Professionally Display, Evaluate and Document Measurement Data

What is vSignalyzer?

vSignalyzer is a convenient tool for efficiently evaluating measurement data of all types. It gives measurement engineers extensive options for visualizing the data as well as functions for manual and automated analysis and reporting.
Measurement data recorded during the acquisition of physical values, network development, analysis and ECU calibration may be read-in from various file formats.

Screenshot vSignalyzer


  • Convenient and user-configurable display of acquired measurement data
  • Efficient operation even with very large measurement files
  • Automated analysis of any data volumes according to specific criteria with data mining functions
  • Extensive mathematical function library for creating data analyses
  • Meaningful reports and documentation of analysis results

Highlights of Version 16.0

  • Direct link between vSignalyzer and vMDM for easy access to centrally managed measurement data
  • Indexing of MDF files on the local workstation for the fast, convenient search
  • Display of thermodynamic state charts  for offline analysis
  • Multiple measurement files recorded together are displayed as contiguous measurement
  • Improved project management

Import/Export Measurement Data

Native measurement data format is ASAM standard MDF/MF4. Converters let you import and export measurement data of different file formats.

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