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VN2640 – the USB Interface for MOST150

The Powerful MOST150 Interface with USB 2.0

Technical Data
MOST Controller OS81110
Access via Vector MediaLB+® FPGA IP-core with 8192fs (400 Mbps)
Operating modes Master, Static Master, Slave, Spy*, Bypass
Supported channels Control messages, asynchronous packets, Ethernet packets and synchronous streams
Spy* for the control and packets channel Vector Spy150-IP-core in the FPGA, can be activated individually or in parallel to all other modes and channels, amongst others recording of Preemptive-Acknowledge-Information and comprehensive bus statistics (Msgs/s; Packets/s)
Control messages Full bandwidth of the INIC applicable for Tx and/or Rx via 8192fs MLB+IP-core
Asynchronous data and Ethernet packets Full bandwidth of the INIC applicable for Tx and/or Rx via 8192fs MLB+IP-core,
packet length up to 1524 Byte for MOST packets for Rx and Tx
Master frame rates 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz selectable
PC interface USB 2.0 highspeed
MOST connector MOST 2+0, AFBR-1150L / AFBR-2150L transceiver; compliance certified
MOST ECL support Tx and/or Rx, configurable terminating resistor, 5..30V
Ambient conditions Operation: -40 °C..+60 °C
Storage: -40 °C .. +85 °C
Humidity: 15 %...90 %, non-condensing
Operating systems Windows XP: 32 bit (SP3), Windows Vista: 32 bit (SP1), Windows 7: 32 bit / 64 bit
Dimensions (LxWxH) Approx. 140 x 105 x 32 mm
Power supply Startup: 7 V..50 V
Operating: 5 V..50 V, approx. 7 W
Boot time approx. 1 s
Time behavior Time stamp accuracy: 1 us; reaction time Rx => Tx: typ. <1 ms
Audio input/output Digital: optical, S/PDIF, 16 bit stereo, 44,1kHz / 48kHz with sample rate converter
Analog: 1 x line in, 1 x line out
Stress generators Light+Lock as well as message generation with free configurable payload including configurable consecutive counter on control channel, data packet channel and Ethernet packet channel
Galvanic isolation USB / Audio, power supply, SyncLine and ECL are separated from each other

* requires MOST analysis library or CANoe licence

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