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vMeasure CSM - Messdaten zuverlässig erfassen und einfach auswerten

Reliably Solving Complex Measurement Tasks with vMeasure exp

What is vMeasure exp?

vMeasure exp is a flexible measurement software solution that provides you with efficient support in the laboratory, at the test stand, during test drives and endurance tests. With vMeasure exp, you can conveniently record physical values, internal ECU signals as well as signals sent via the vehicle bus.

To provide an informative interpretation of the recorded data, the position data (GPS) and video data of the route traveled are also required. Typical tasks of the measurement engineer include measuring OBD signals to ascertain the status of the ECU. With vMeasure exp, you can record all of this data simultaneously and efficiently.


  • Time-synchronous acquisition of different sources
  • Optimum, user-friendly representation of signals
  • Thorough analysis of the complete system
  • Open platform for integration of measurement hardware
  • Flexible, individual storage of recorded channels by multi-recorder concept
  • Diagnostics support by measurement of OBD-II

Supported Interfaces

  • All Vector network interfaces for CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay and LIN
  • Ethernet PC interface
  • DAIO interface for connecting any measurement hardware

Measurement Hardware

  • Analog and digital Vector I / O
  • CAN- and EtherCAT-based modules by CSM
  • Measurement devices by CAETEC, ETAS, IMC, IPETRONIK, NI ...
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