vMeasure CSM - Reliable Acquisition and Easy Evaluation of Measurement Data

Easy Acquisition and Evaluation of Measurement Data with vMeasure CSM

What is vMeasure CSM?

The vMeasure CSM measurement and analysis software is the ideal supplement to CAN- and EtherCAT-based measurement modules of CSM.

With vMeasure CSM you have a convenient tool for configuring your measurement, synchronously acquiring physical values, and storing these values in MDF format. Recording of GPS and video data is also supported. vMeasure CSM saves video data in a separate AVI file. In so doing, synchronization with the measurement signals is retained, of course. Based on the measured signal values, virtual signals are calculated during the measurement and are available to you as additional measurement data.


  • Synchronous acquisition of measurement data of different sources
  • Convenient and fast creation of measurement configurations with CSM hardware
  • Support of hardware-based time synchronization of the CSM EtherCAT measurement modules with Vector bus interfaces
  • Measurements with sampling rates of up to 800 kHz per signal with the CSM analog measuring module ECAT ADMM 4 HS800


  • Intuitive configuration of the connected measurement hardware incl. checking and documentation
  • Time synchronized measurement, either manually or via trigger conditions
  • Storage of measurement data in standardized ASAM MDF format
  • Meaningful signal display and measuement data analysis
  • Convenient and quick documentation

Supported Hardware

  • Analog CAN-based measurement modules, EtherCAT and high-voltage modules from CSM
  • Exhaust gas measurement modules from ECM
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