Professional Measurement Data Management with vMDM

Professional Measurement Data Management with vMDM

What is vMDM?

vMDM (Vector Measurement Data Management) is the solution for efficient management of large data volumes from development, test bench operation and vehicle tests.

With vMDM, you can save your measurement data securely, protect it against unauthorized access and simplify the exchange of measurement data between distributed teams. With vMDM, large-scale CPU-intensive analyses, classifications and reports are performed centrally on a server without any computational requirements on the engineer’s workstation.

Depending on your requirements or IT infrastructure, vMDM is available as a cloud-based solution or as the server-based vMDM Enterprise variant in which vMDM is installed on servers in your in-house network.

Overview of Advantages

  • Secure storage of measurement data
  • Protection of data through the separation of data files into collections with user-specific permissions
  • Easy searching, filtering and display of measurement data
  • Automatic indexing of measurement data on data imports


  • Secure storage of measurement data on a server or in the cloud
  • Setup and management of data collections as well as of user permissions
  • Queries for easy recall of search requests
  • Index from descriptive data (metadata) of the measurement files or from other systems
  • Integration in CANape, vSignalyzer and vMeasure exp for navigation, searches and data transfer

Scalable Multi-User Solution

vMDM is scalable as a multi-user system depending on the expected data volume and the required server performance.

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