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Vector Controllers – Your Communication ECU Family from Vector

What are Vector Controllers?

The Vector Controllers are ECUs for specific use cases with the focus on data communication. They are perfect for the rapid development of functional samples and for use in series production. Whether charging control unit for commercial vehicles or gateway: The development costs are shared across many users. That keeps the price reasonable.

All advantages in the 2 minutes video:

Link to explanatory video

Automotive Products

The Vector Controllers in the automotive product family have been conceptualized for use in 12-V electrical systems. They have been developed to conform to the ISO 16750 / LV 124 standards and can be used directly in production.

Starting with gateways and extending to domain controllers, the product family lends itself to a broad spectrum of potential use cases.

Commercial Vehicle Products

Do you need ECUs for trucks, buses or agricultural vehicles? Then you will find the perfect solution in the Vector Controller product family for 24-V electrical systems.

Regardless of whether it is being used as a simple gateway between two bus systems or architectures, as an I/O controller or as a communication interface for electric mobility.


  • Proven technologies for small series productions and development samples
  • Shorten development cycles with practice-proven hardware

Additional advantages


Breakout boxes, adapters, connectors or debuggers – the right accessories will help you in development.

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