Developing Multisensor Applications Quickly and Conveniently

What is vADASdeveloper?

vADASdeveloper provides an infrastructure for developing algorithms for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving. The tool reduces your workload in developing sensor data fusion applications. The runtime environment acquires sensor data, logs it and can replay the data for stimulation. Here the sensor data and the results of algorithms are clearly displayed in a bird’s eye perspective and in the video image.

Overview of Advantages

  • Universal solution from data recording to algorithm development, stimulation and quick visualization of processing results
  • vADASdeveloper gives you the infrastructure you need to focus on your algorithms
  • Debugging of algorithms by Visual Studio integration
  • Rapid prototyping of applications with multiple sensors

Highlights Version 3.0

  • Simplified project handling in multi-version scenarios and simplified migration
  • Improved support for sensors with dynamic object lists
  • Additional GFX graphic objects for informative object visualization
  • Precise time synchronization of gPTP/IEEE 802.1AS-capable data sources and UTC timestamping of the network/measurement data
  • Extended support for Automotive Ethernet/AUTOSAR PDUs


  • Any typical ADAS sensors (cameras, radar, CAN, etc.) can be conveniently integrated and graphically linked
  • Sensor data can be easily saved and read with precise time stamps
  • Clear and configurable display of results with superimposed camera images, bird’s eye perspective, diagrams, etc.
  • webinars
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