Software Integration Package

Vector SIP - Ready-made Software

Vector SIP – the Software Integration Package – gives you a decisive advantage in developing your ECU software:

Before delivery, we test and integrate your package on a suitable evaluation board, so that you can get the entire package up and running in just a few days, including the OEM-dependent communication description.

We document your requirements in a questionnaire provided by our sales department, so that we can put together a Software Integration Package that is customized for your specific:

  • Compiler including version and options
  • Microcontroller and derivative
  • Use case

Starting with the initial product delivery, SIP Maintenance offers active Issue Tracking, which informs you of known errors and potential work-arounds.

Your SIP is subject to configuration management, so it can be re-delivered for at least 10 years.

Graphic shows the content of a Software Integration Package

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