Vector Solutions for Automotive Cyber Security


The rapidly growing connectivity of vehicles is opening up numerous opportunities for new functions and attractive business models. At the same time, the potential for cyber-attacks on vehicle networks is also growing. Such attacks threaten the functional safety of the vehicle and could cause financial damage.


Vector is a trusted partner for manufacturers and suppliers of automobiles. We support you with embedded software, services and tools for securing embedded systems against cyber-attacks.

Vector Portfolio Security

Protect your product effectively and efficiently by taking advantage of Vector’s many years of experience and knowledge. We offer thorough consulting on security issues, from threat analysis to security strategies and architectures to the implementation and testing of all security functions. In the implementation of security functions in ECU software, Vector supports a wide range of hardware trust anchors from various hardware manufacturers. The well-known Vector tools are also designed for the entire development process of cyber-security-relevant systems.


You benefit from Vector’s decades of experience and proven solutions, which have been perfectly harmonized with the automobile industry’s demands. Our embedded-software security products are developed according to the highest process and quality standards and are already in use around the world.

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