PREEvision 9.0 – Made for AUTOSAR Adaptive

PREEvision – Model-based Electric/Electronic Development

What is PREEvision?

PREEvision is the tool for model-based electric/electronic development from architecture design to series production.

The software application supports architects, network designers, development engineers, and test engineers through the entire development process: versatile functions for architecture design, requirements management, network communication design, design of safety-relevant systems, and wiring harness design are carried out in a comprehensive single tool environment avoiding tool gaps or integration issues.


  • Design, management and documentation of complete
    E/E systems in one tool
  • Integrated traceability
  • Graphical modeling in diagrams that are tuned to use cases
  • Full support of
    AUTOSAR methodology
  • Design of safety-relevant systems according to ISO 26262
  • Variant and product line management
  • Architecture and wiring harness development from one source

Modeling Layers

EbenenmodellGraphical diagrams support modeling of the different architecture layers of a product line.

Highlights PREEvision 9.0

  • AUTOSAR Adaptive
  • AUTOSAR Variant Management
  • State Chart and Class Diagrams
  • Review & Vote Mechanisms
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