Funktionale Sicherheit von E/E Systemen mit PREEvision

PREEvision – ISO 26262 Conform Safety-related E/E Systems

The Solution for ISO 26262 Conform Functional Safety

ISO 26262 "Road vehicles - Functional safety" defines functional safety for automotive equipment applicable throughout the lifecycle of all automotive electronic and electrical safety-related systems. The standard specifies safety requirements for the automotive industry, its development processes and the vehicles itself.
The requirements of ISO 26262 include responsibilities, development processes, documentation, and techniques for development of safety-relevant systems. To minimize the expense, PREEvision provides development support in the area of functional safety.

Development of Safety-related E/E Systems


  • Integrated approach from
    system design via FMEA/FTA
    to safety case
  • Modeling of all design
    artifacts in one tool
  • Transparency and traceability
    for all stakeholders
  • Automatic consistency check
  • Relief from error-prone activities
  • Reduced expense for
    compliant work products
  • Documentation for
    the safety case
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