PREEvision E/E Architecture Design

PREEvision – Design and Evaluation of Electric/Electronic Architecture

The Solution for E/E Architecture Design

PREEvision supports you in designing and evaluating electric/electronic architectures and enables a fast comparison of alternative E/E system designs in vehicle development.
May it be cable length, weight, installation space, power consumption or bus load: the success factors of an automotive E/E design can be defined by the architects themselves. Signal router, wiring harness router, consistency checks or bus load calculation support you in designing cost efficient and robust E/E systems.

Modeling Layers

The goal of PREEvision is to offer fast conception and evaluation of architecture alternatives over all relevant technical levels. The PREEvision modeling layers range from the logical architecture over software architecture, topology and communication design up to the hardware geometry.

Due to consistent and integrated modeling, a multidimensional decision matrix can be created.


  • Reduced costs and short time of introduction due to early verified architectural concepts
  • High startup quality for series development based on a checked architecture design
  • Full traceability from requirements to the wiring system
  • Comparison of architectures based on costs, weight, bus load
  • Variant management for product line and platform development
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