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PREEvision Collaboration Platform

PREEvision – Cross-location Multi-User Operation

The Solution for Collaboration in Complex E/E Projects

PREEvision supports joint and parallel work for development and management of E/E systems in vehicle and automotive engineering. The PREEvision Collaboration Platform features are designed for structured creation and implementation of complex E/E projects in large organizations.
The central database ensures a homogeneous dataset, which enables organization-wide multi-user operation. Project and development teams have shared access to the necessary data and work in parallel without data conflicts. Expensive processes for merging datasets are eliminated.


  • Cross-location multi-user operation and team work
  • Single source for homogeneous dataset
  • Optimized work flows
    and cost reduction
  • Controlled data access for conflict-free, parallel working
  • Traceability and consistency
    of development process
  • Reuse of development artifacts
  • Management and organization
    in product lines


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