Automotive Ethernet Design with PREEvision

PREEvision – Designing Service-Oriented Architectures and Ethernet

The Solution for Automotive Ethernet Design

With the increasing demand for networking and connectivity, Ethernet has become a widely used network technology in the automotive industry. Initially used for onboard diagnostics, communication with electric charging stations and camera-based driver assistance systems, the application areas of Ethernet are still expanding. PREEvision supports the AUTOSAR compliant design of Ethernet networks and clusters including the corresponding communication. The model-based engineering environment also enables service-oriented architectures for embedded software systems.

Functions and Features

Ethernet in automotive allows appropriate bandwidths for applications and communication within the vehicle, as well as between the vehicle and its environment or the internet.

PREEvision supports the design of Ethernet networks from scratch. Dedicated diagrams, editors, automations and synthesis functions help to quickly set up an AUTOSAR-compliant Ethernet design including the communication design.


  • Dedicated UI for an Ethernet design from scratch
  • Consistency checks facilitate an AUTOSAR compliant design
  • SOA diagrams for a service-oriented architecture design
  • Modeling of services and service interfaces
  • Switch configuration to define VLANs and Quality of Service
  • Signal router considers switch configuration and synthesizes communication artifacts
  • AUTOSAR import and export
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