PassThru XL Library

Use of Vector Hardware Interfaces for Applications that are based on SAE J2534

Properties Overview:

  • Standardized communication driver for the Vector hardware interfaces
  • ISO transport protocol implementation
  • OEM-specific applications based on J2534 can be operated via Vector hardware interfaces
  • J2534 applications can be operated simultaneously with various Vector tools, such as CANoe or CANape via a Vector hardware interface.
  • Uniform programming interface with reasonable number of functions that conceals the hardware specifics and communication protocols

Application Areas:

In the field of vehicle electronics development and vehicle diagnostics there are many OEM-specific applications that communicate with ECUs. If these applications are based on proprietary communication solutions, exchanges between communication components involve considerable effort. A modular and reusable solution can help here to save on costs and development effort. The SAE J2534 PassThru standard defines a common communication driver that can be used for ECU diagnostics and ECU reprogramming.

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