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Solutions for OTX Open Test sequence eXchange ISO 13209

Solutions for OTX

Tool Solutions for OTX

The Vector solution converts the OTX sequences into C# / .NET scripts, which can be executed in the runtime environments of the CANoe, CANape and Indigo diagnostic testers.

OTX Process CANoe CANape Indigo

Currently supported are the OTX Core language definition (ISO 13209-2) and standardized extensions (ISO 13209-3), e.g. for

  • Vehicle diagnostics and communication with the ECU (DiagCom),
  • User interaction (HMI),
  • Event handling,
  • Conversions to physical units (quantities),
  • and other auxiliary functions (StringUtil, Math, DateTime) for editing the data being used

In addition, Vector offers OTX-related engineering services such as scheme migrations.

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