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Real Time Operating System Based on the OSEK/VDXTM Standard

osCAN is a preemptive real-time multitasking operating system with properties that are optimized for use in microcontrollers. Vector’s many years of experience with operating systems and drivers for microcontrollers led to the creation of osCAN – a small, robust operating system core. It is certified to OSEK/VDX specification 2.2. This open standard of the automotive industry is the key to long-term availability.

Properties and Advantages:

The exceptional property of osCAN – besides its support of a large number of processors – is that it can be used in combination with any of the communication protocols from Vector. Due to its static operating system architecture, osCAN is compact and quick. All operating system resources are defined before compilation with an easy-to-use graphic configuration tool. The configuration is saved in standardized OIL format, and this guarantees portability.

Used in tandem with osCAN, Vector’s development tools simplify the development process. Component management enables time-parallel implementation of sub-applications and integration into the overall application. This makes it possible to realize short development times and execute developments in separate locations.

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