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Operating System for Microcontrollers

With MICROSAR OS Vector offers a pre-emptive real-time multitasking operating system according to the AUTOSAR specifications as well as related development support. MICROSAR OS is certified according to ISO 26262 / ASIL D. It is available for a wide variety of controller devices.

We offer special variants of the AUTOSAR OS so that you can emulate your application software on a PC using the Vector simulation and test tool CANoe.

AUTOSAR-compliant operating system for SC1 to SC4 MICROSAR OS

Please note: Development and sales of the Vector operating system osCAN have been discontinued. The AUTOSAR specification for operating systems according to scalability class 1 is based on the OSEK/VDX standard. That is why MICROSAR OS gives you an alternative even for non-AUTOSAR environments.

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