Solutions for Open Protocols

Open protocols such as CANopen, SAE J1939, ISOBUS, NMEA2000, SAE J1587, IP, AFDX®, ARINC and CANaerospace have been successfully utilized for years in a wide variety of application areas. These include commercial and agricultural vehicles, rail transport, medical, aerospace, and control engineering as well as other applications with embedded networks. A well grounded knowledge of current developments and the capabilities of these standardized CAN protocols is essential to their successful application.

Vector offers solutions for timesaving and cost-effective implementation of development processes for open networks. The user is supported by optimized software tools and embedded software components for open protocols, and by actual project work and individual services. Vector's active participation in many standardization bodies assures that our wide range of products will always conform to the latest requirements.

Your application field - Our solution:

Application field Technology More information
CANopen in embedded systems CANopen Solutions for CANopen
Commercial vehicles and mobile maschines J1939, J1587/J1708, CANopen Solutions for:
Agricultural equipment ISOBUS Solutions for ISOBUS
Aerospace Avionics networks Solutions for avionics networking
IP / Ethernet in embedded systems Ethernet as backbone or ECU access in embedded systems CANoe.IP
Traffic safety and assistance systems Car2x with IEEE 802.11p Solutions for Car2x

(AFDX® is an Airbus' registered trademark)