ODX Standard ISO 22901-1:2008 - Vector Solutions for ODX

ODX Reference Project

The first cross-OEM project involving ODX project in the world was conducted between two leading automotive OEMs using the CANdela tool chain. The project involved two vehicle models. OEM 1 used CANdelaStudio to create the diagnostic descriptions to be exchanged between the process partners. Data was exchanged using ODX 2.0 (2.0.1).

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  • Creation of the diagnostic specification and parameterization with CANdelaStudio based on a diagnostic template (OEM 1)
  • User-friendly generation (Export) of the ODX data using CANdelaStudio
  • Supplier used CANoe to perform diagnostic testing of the ECU; parameterized it using CANdela CDD data
  • Tester was parameterized with ODX data during in-vehicle diagnostic testing OEM 2)
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