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Solutions for ODX

Vectors ODX Mission Statement

Vector supports ODX in all diagnostic-related products, providing a simple and effective way to handle ODX diagnostic data.

Since 2001, Vector is contributing to define the ODX standard in ASAM and ISO working committees. ODX is now released officially as ISO 22901-1:2008. Some automotive OEMs and suppliers are already integrating ODX into their development processes. It is now apparent that in practice the flexibility of the ODX standard leads to different ODX dialects. Vector strives to meet the challenge of supporting these ODX dialects in all phases of the diagnostic process.

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ODX - A Brief Introduction

The Open Diagnostic eXchange format (ODX) is an XML-based ASAM standard for describing diagnostically relevant ECU data.
Vehicle, ECU and tester manufacturers can use the uniform, OEM-independent ODX format to describe and exchange ECU diagnostic data. ODX was designed to be an open exchange format, and is a good choice for use in joint projects between automotive OEMs.

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