ODX Standard ISO 22901-1:2008 - Vector Solutions for ODX

The CANdela Data Model and ODX

Both ODX data and CANdela CDD data are described in XML. Due to its high flexibility and broad coverage of diagnostic use cases, ODX is enjoying increased popularity among OEMs and suppliers. Nonetheless, its high flexibility is associated with considerable complexity. Consequently, when ODX data are created without supporting tools, extensive expert knowledge is assumed.

Vector’s answer to this is the CANdela approach: The user encounters a diagnostically-driven perspective of the data. A key aspect here is that it is not necessary to possess special expertise or knowledge of the underlying formats to create the data.

The CANdela data model goes beyond the use case of tester parameterization, since the data model is the data source for the entire diagnostic development process, which is organized in sub-steps:

  • Specification,
  • Implementation, code generation,
  • ECU testing and validation.
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