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2018-08-16: Vector Software Testing Symposium on September 19 in Boston, MA

2018-08-10: CANalyzer 11.0 SP2
2018-08-10: CANoe 11.0 SP2
2018-08-03: Service Pack 3 Vector Logger Configurator 2.8
2018-08-03: Testing under time pressure - Versatile test benches for avionic systems
2018-07-20: Case Study: Virtual Model-In-The-Loop Test for the Development of Driver Assistance Systems
2018-07-13: CANalyzer 9.0 SP7
2018-07-13: CANoe 9.0 SP7
2018-07-12: CANalyzer 11.0 SP1
2018-07-12: CANoe 11.0 SP1
2018-07-10: Ottobock Selects the VectorCAST Test Automation Platform
2018-07-03: New data loggers GL2400 and GL5370 offer even more CAN FD support
2018-06-15: Service Pack 2 Vector Logger Configurator 2.8
2018-06-14: CANalyzer 10.0 SP6
2018-06-14: CANoe 10.0 SP6
2018-04-09: Challenges for the Development of AUTOSAR Adaptive Applications
2018-03-22: Technical Article: E-Mobility Ready for the Mass Market? - Trends, Progress and Experiences
2018-03-21: Vector Supports Standards GB/T 27930 and CHAdeMO for Charging Communication
2018-02-20: Know-How: "How to optimally disturb CAN/CAN FD networks with VH6501"
2018-02-19: New multi-bus logger GL5350 offers more than CAN FD functionality
2018-01-24: Know-how: vVIRTUALtarget - Learn how to virtually test and develop AUTOSAR software
2018-01-21: New: vVIRTUALtarget - Virtually test and develop AUTOSAR software
2018-01-20: New: VH6501 - Precise and reproducible disturbances of CAN/CAN FD networks
2018-01-16: Video: "CANoe as open environment in complex development environments"
2017-12-20: vTESTstudio Connection Utilities
2017-11-30: How to meet your software quality goals using VectorCAST and CANoe
2017-11-15: Toyota Selects Vector's CANoe.DiVa as Recommended Tool for Testing Diagnostic Communication Software
2017-07-03: CANalyzer 9.0 SP6
2017-07-03: CANoe 9.0 SP6
2017-06-06: Technical article: ECU testing in heterogeneous tool landscapes
2017-05-31: Webinar recording: "Automated physical layer analysis with Option .Scope"
2017-05-17: CANalyzer 10.0 - Highlights of New Features
2017-05-17: CANoe 10.0 - Highlights of New Features
2017-02-21: Vector Informatik acquires USA-based Vector Software, Inc.
2017-02-17: Event review: Very positve feedback by the attendees about Vector CAN FD Symposium 2017
2016-12-01: Technical Article: Eye diagram analysis for CAN FD - Fast identification of poor signal quality
2016-11-21: Know how: Diagnostics with CANoe
2016-11-03: Technical Article: Testing the Unique - the Biggest Aircraft
2016-10-13: Know-how: CANoe .Sensor - simulation and analysis of sensor protocols
2016-10-13: Technical Article: Current approaches for ECU testing - What really matters
2016-10-04: vTESTstudio – now available for Car2x / V2X
2016-09-30: CANalyzer 8.5 SP6
2016-09-30: CANoe 8.5 SP6
2016-09-22: Know-how: CANoe as Open Environment – Examples for Coupling with 3rd Party Tools
2016-09-01: Technical Article with Daimler: Network tests for everyone
2016-07-07: VN1630 log - the new Network Interface with Recording Feature
2016-04-12: Technical Article: Full transparency with Automotive Ethernet - Finally seeing what is really happening
2016-04-02: CANalyzer 9.0 SP1
2016-04-02: CANoe 9.0 SP1
2016-03-11: CANoe 9.0 - Testing on Highest Level
2016-03-10: CANalyzer 9.0 - Analysis on Highest Level
2015-12-07: CANalyzer 8.2 SP6
2015-12-07: CANoe 8.2 SP6
2015-11-13: Technical Article: Comfort Zone
2015-10-13: Technical Article: Inductive charging - ISO/IEC-15118 standardization of wireless power transfer
2015-09-01: Technical Article: ZF TRW - Converting Test Benches Worldwide in Record Time
2015-07-06: Automotive to Aerospace: Test Equipment Draws on Smart Cars to Boost Tech
2015-04-30: Vector Introduces Mobile ARINC 429 Solution for Monitoring, Debugging and Testing Avionic Systems
2015-03-23: CANalyzer 8.5 - Highlights of the Latest Version
2015-03-23: CANoe 8.5 - Highlights of the Latest Version
2014-12-08: Technical Article: Smart Testing of Smart Charging - Consistent Test Case Coverage for Electric Mobility
2014-11-06: Technical Article: Test Strategies for Robust CAN Systems in Aviation
2014-10-15: CANalyzer 8.0 SP6
2014-10-15: CANoe 8.0 SP6
2014-10-09: Case Study: Safety-Related Lifecycle Validation of Automotive Battery Systems
2014-09-02: Technical Article: Programming ECU Tests more Efficiently with CAPL (part 2)
2014-05-15: CANalyzer 8.1 SP6
2014-05-15: CANoe 8.1 SP6
2014-02-25: TTTech to Partner with Vector in Aerospace Market on AFDX Testing Solutions

TTTech and Vector Announce Cooperation.

2014-01-28: vTESTstudio 1.0 SP3
2013-12-20: Technical Article: Testing Car2x Applications
2013-12-03: Technical Article: Automated HIL Test System Ensures ISOBUS Functionality of Agricultural Machines
2013-12-02: Technical Article: Logging CAN Bus Data for Flight Tests - In Pursuit of Sporadic Errors
2013-11-27: Know-how: Diagnostics from a Distance

Remote Diagnostics

2013-07-10: Webinar Recording "An Introduction to use of the new GL2000 data logger" available
2013-04-25: Video: Generating a Compliance Test Conveniently with CANoe.J1939

Benefit from the powerful test functions.

2013-01-19: Technical Article: CANalyzer 'Beginner' mode
2013-01-10: VT System modules with FPGAs
2012-12-21: Technical Article: Car2x – From Research to Product Development

How automotive OEMs and suppliers are successfully completing production Car2x projects.

2012-11-26: Technical Article: Efficient Testing in Aerospace Electronics

Proven solution for implementing test tasks with signal abstraction while incorporating diagnostic, calibration and I/O interfaces.

2012-04-23: Technical Article: IP and Ethernet in Motor Vehicles

Challenges for the development tool, illustrated by today's applications.

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