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2018-06-29: AUTOSAR Adaptive Solution from Vector at a Glance
2018-06-21: Protecting LIN Slave ECUs According to ISO 26262
2018-05-16: 143 International Participants at the 5th Vector E-Mobility Engineering Day 2018
2018-03-22: Technical Article: E-Mobility Ready for the Mass Market? - Trends, Progress and Experiences
2018-03-21: MICROSAR.OTA: Optimal Implementation of "Over the Air" Download Requirements for AUTOSAR ECUs
2018-03-21: Vector Supports Standards GB/T 27930 and CHAdeMO for Charging Communication
2018-03-15: MICROSAR.IPC: Flexible Interprocessor Communication for AUTOSAR Projects with Multi-Controller Architectures or SoCs
2018-01-17: Press Release: Timing-Architects becomes a part of Vector Informatik
2017-12-07: Press Release: Vector Informatik GmbH and SYSGO AG join forces for AUTOSAR Adaptive
2017-12-05: Automotive Ethernet - Trends and Challenges
2017-08-24: Press Release: AUTOSAR-RTE from Vector Receives Certification for ISO 26262 up to ASIL D
2017-08-23: vArxmlEditor – New Tool for Vector's DaVinci Software for Displaying AUTOSAR XML Files
2017-06-30: DaVinci Developer 4.0 - Modern Look and New Functions for the Design of AUTOSAR Software Components (SWC)
2017-06-28: Now Easily Combine POSIX Operating Systems with AUTOSAR Classic
2017-05-19: Toyota Selects Vector as Recommended AUTOSAR Basic Software Vendor
2017-04-20: MICROSAR Embedded-Software from Vector Available for AUTOSAR Classic Platform 4.3.0
2017-01-09: Press Release: Vector Enables Flashing of Linux-Based ECUs According to OEM Requirements
2016-10-18: Press Release: Timing-Architects and Vector Join Forces for Multi-Core Development
2016-09-27: Vector Offers New Tool Solution for MCAL Configuration
2016-09-15: New Versions of DaVinci Tools Released
2016-09-14: Variant Handling for ECUs – Watch the 2 Minutes Video to See How It Works!
2016-09-13: Press Release: Vector offers more safety by introducing the world's first AUTOSAR basic software to be certified to ASIL D
2016-09-09: Technical Article: Time Synchronization in Automotive Ethernet Networks
2016-08-25: Technical Article: Has functional safety ceased to be a topic of interest?
2016-04-15: Integrated Debugger for Universal Controller Simplifies the First Steps in the Development of ECUs
2015-12-04: Easy Integration of System Basis Chips in AUTOSAR Projects
2015-12-04: Technical Article: Is This What the Future Will Look Like? - Implementing Fault Tolerant System Architectures with AUTOSAR Basic Software
2015-12-04: Technical Article: New Opportunities with AUTOSAR - About the Usage of AUTOSAR in Agricultural Machines
2015-10-13: Technical Article: Inductive charging - ISO/IEC-15118 standardization of wireless power transfer
2015-08-27: Technical Article: Ethernet and CAN FD - New Communication Paradigms in Automotive Networking

The use of Ethernet and CAN FD is increasing. Ethernet is not only used because of the higher bandwidth but also the introduction of new communication paradigms is of high relevance.

2015-07-31: Technical Article: High-Rate Task Scheduling within AUTOSAR
2015-03-17: Free-of-Charge AUTOSAR Know-How – Poster and Glossary Updated to AUTOSAR 4.2.1
2015-02-17: Basic Software for AUTOSAR 4.2.1 Already Available
2015-02-09: New Flash Bootloader options allow faster flashing of ECUs
2014-12-03: Technical Article: Encrypted Signal Transmission with AUTOSAR in a CAN FD Network
2014-12-01: Several controllers in one – cost reduction through variant handling for AUTOSAR 4
2014-10-09: Press release: AUTOSAR Basic Software from Vector is the Basis for a Reference Integration
2014-07-22: Extended AUTOSAR Glossary - Now AUTOSAR 4.1 and the Ethernet Modules are Included

Now included: AUTOSAR 4.1 and the Ethernet modules

2014-07-16: Technical Article: AUTOSAR Goes Multi-Core – The Safe Way

This article shows the the challenges and their solutions for the use of safety-relevant AUTOSAR software in multicore-ECUs.

2014-07-04: High Development Quality Reconfirmed: Vector Develops MICROSAR Basic Software According to Automotive SPICE Capability Level 3

In June 2014, the development process for AUTOSAR basic software were assessed once again on conformity to Automotive SPICE Capability Level 3. All of the inspected process areas were evaluated to Automotive SPICE Capability Level 3. This verifies the high quality standards that Vector Informatik places in the development quality of its products.

2014-05-08: Press Release: Extensive Testing and Debugging of Embedded Software

The completely revised AUTOSAR basic software package MICROSAR AMD (AUTOSAR Monitoring and Debugging) from Vector now provides extensive testing and debugging functions for AUTOSAR ECUs.

2014-04-16: Technical Article: User-friendly Configuration of AUTOSAR ECUs

User-friendly tools support developers in configuring thousands of parameters that partly depend on each other.

2014-03-12: Technical Article: AUTOSAR – Equipped for Everything?

Ten years of AUTOSAR has influenced the world of automotive electronics. Mr. Dr. Schelling writes about experiences and upcoming challenges.

2014-02-19: Fast and efficient updating of ECUs using Delta- and Over-the-Air-Technology
2013-11-29: Technical Article: AUTOSAR in Heavy-Duty Vehicles

This article describes the advantages of integrating J1939 in AUTOSAR as well as its limitations.

2013-11-29: Technical Article: AUTOSAR Learns Ethernet

This article describes the properties, advantages and special aspects of integrating Ethernet technology into AUTOSAR. Also useful extensions for an AUTOSAR Ethernet Stack are presented.

2013-11-07: OBD Software Available for AUTOSAR ECUs

A production-ready OBD extension is now available for AUTOSAR basic software from Vector.

2013-10-30: OBD functions in the AUTOSAR basic software simplify diagnostic implementations

This article describes which OBD functions are integrated in the AUTOSAR basic software and which use cases they support.

2013-09-20: MICROSAR IP: Conformance tests for TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 successfully passed

MICROSAR IP, the AUTOSAR basic software for IP/Ethernet based communication from Vector, was tested by the Fraunhofer ESK on RFC conformance.

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