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Vector news for the application area

News & Events for the Development of Distributed Systems

2018-06-19: E/E Engineering Knowledge – The PREEvision Webinars 2018
2018-05-28: PREEvision 8.5 SP6
2018-05-09: PREEvision 8.0 SP12
2018-04-15: PREEvision UserDay 2018
2018-03-29: PREEvision 8.5 SP4
2018-03-15: E/E Engineering in Your Hands
2018-02-09: PREEvision 8.5 SP3
2018-02-05: PREEvision 8.0 SP11
2018-01-17: Press Release: Timing-Architects becomes a part of Vector Informatik
2017-12-11: PREEvision 8.5 SP2
2017-12-01: Develop Ethernet Networks Clearly and from Scratch
2017-11-17: Technical Article: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Requirement Engineering
2017-11-14: E/E Engineering Knowledge – The PREEvision Webinars 2017
2017-10-19: Technical Article: Model-Based Solutions for Medical Systems
2017-08-07: PREEvision 8.5 Supports ReqIF and KBL 2.4
2017-08-07: PREEvision 8.5 – Highlights of the new Version
2017-06-12: PREEvision 7.5 SP7
2017-03-30: PREEvision UserDay 2017
2017-03-29: Technical Article: Service-oriented Architectures and Ethernet in Vehicles
2017-03-13: Technical Article: Integrated Development of a Complete E/E Architecture
2017-01-13: Technical Article: E/E Development for Future Vehicle Innovations
2016-12-12: Technical Article: PREEvision for Next Generation E/E Architectures
2016-11-03: PREEvision 7.0 SP19
2016-10-19: Technical Article: PREEvision and the AUTOSAR System View
2016-10-18: Press Release: Timing-Architects and Vector Join Forces for Multi-Core Development
2016-09-13: Technical Article: Controlling Complexity in the Vehicle Wiring System
2016-08-03: Automotive Ethernet Design with PREEvision 8.0
2016-08-01: PREEvision 8.0 – Highlights of the new Version
2016-06-30: Model-based Wiring Harness Development with PREEvision
2016-03-22: Let’s talk about PREEvision: User Days 2016
2016-03-01: PREEvision 6.5 SP15
2016-03-01: PREEvision 7.5 – Highlights of the new Version
2014-08-12: PREEvision 7.0 – Highlights of the new Version
2014-03-12: Technical Article: AUTOSAR – Equipped for Everything?

Ten years of AUTOSAR has influenced the world of automotive electronics. Mr. Dr. Schelling writes about experiences and upcoming challenges.

2013-08-13: PREEvision 6.5 – Highlights of the new Version
2013-07-23: PREEvision 6.0 SP4
2013-05-24: PREEvision 5.5 SP7
2012-12-12: PREEvision 6.0 – Highlights of the new Version

Integrated development platform for the entire E/E product development process

News about Distributed Systems(55 News)
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