PREEvision 9.0 – Highlights of the new Version

AUTOSAR Adaptive and Extended SysML and UML Functions

AUTOSAR Adaptive

PREEvision 9.0 enables developers to model their E/E systems based on AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. Whether engineers are designing service interfaces and applications, instantiating services or describing Ethernet communication via SOME/IP – this latest version provides comprehensive functions for these tasks. Data exchange is simplified by import and export functions for the Adaptive System Description and other work products of AUTOSAR for the new generation of high-performance Electronic Control Units.

AUTOSAR Variant Management

In addition to its well-established concepts for variant management, PREEvision now also allows variant management according to AUTOSAR. PREEvision supports AUTOSAR feature models, feature selections and feature maps to define the range of possible variants. With system constants, post-build variant criterions and variation points, predefined variants can be designed, activated and highlighted. Dedicated new diagrams are available for feature maps and variation points. Table based editors complete the specification of AUTOSAR variants.

State Chart and Class Diagrams

PREEvision 9.0 offers additional SysML and UML diagrams as modeling tools for functions, including those that will be deployed in service-oriented architectures. Designers can use the class diagram, for example, to model interfaces and data types. The state chart diagram graphically depicts a system’s mode of operation. The two new diagrams supplement block, package and use case diagrams which have been included in previous PREEvision releases.

Review & Vote

To facilitate cooperation within the organization and with suppliers, PREEvision extends the process support with mechanisms to review and vote requirements and other model artifacts. Agreement projects can be set up by selecting model artifacts and resources that review the respective artifacts. A dedicated chat view allows discussions amongst the participants.

Additional New Features:

  • Support for AUTOSAR 4.3
  • Server API that allows read access to model artifacts including their attributes, life cycle state, rich texts, files and diagrams

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