Indigo 4.6 SP2


With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

New Features and Improvements

  • ECU Reprogramming. (IDG-20540)
    Indigo support reprogramming of ECUs based on vFlash. This requires a vFlash installation and a vFlash license.
  • Automatic ECU discovery. (IDG-37670)
    Automatically detect and identify ECUs and ECU variants from diagnostic databases.
  • DTC Browser: Allow displaying additional DTC data from PDF documents. (IDG-48041)
    Display additional repair or maintenance information for the selected DTCs based on PDF documents.
  • Manage Networks: Display CDD version in addition to the CDD file. (IDG-48490)
  • Several smaller improvements.

Issues solved

  • Parametrizer: Restore does not update modified parameter indicator automatically. (IDG-48512)
  • Several smaller issues solved.