vADASdeveloper 2.5 SP1


With Service Pack 1, the following changes become effective:

New image class

  • Optimized performance for fast recording and replay with less CPU and RAM usage
  • Full support in all main components (Visualiuation, Recoder, Player and CANape component)
  • Easy switchover from old image format
  • Supported image formats for the Camera component: RGB24, RGB32, YUV2, I420, UYVY
  • Supported image formats for the Point Grey Camera component: Mono8, RGB24, Bayer Pattern


  • Velodyne Lidar HDL-64E
  • Quanergy Lidar M8
  • Point Grey Camera Chameleon

GFX objects

  • Point cloud points can be colored with dynamic user defined values
  • Support of pixel oriented GFX objects in Map view and Scene view