vFlash 3.5 SP1


New features and improvements

  • Support FlexRay Payload Preamble Bit. (VFLS-46004)
  • Improve performance to significantly reduce time for loading big Hex files and Motorola-S files. (VFLS-45942)
  • Improve installation procedure to avoid error if Vector Hardware drivers are not installed. (VFLS-45945)
    To install vFlash also Vector Hardware drivers need to be installed. If the drivers are not installed the user is informed correctly.

New vFlash Templates

  • Several new vFlash Templates are released to support many new OEMs / Bootloaders - contact us to get more information.

Issues solved

  • Communication over LIN fails in case of using a non-default LDF file. (VFLS-46014)
    In case a LDF file was used that contained a "Channel_name" definition, vFlash did not accept the MasterReq and the SlaveResp schedule table.
  • Out of memory error when flashing large packages (>1,5GB) using large TransferData requests via DoIP. (VFLS-46007)
  • In certain cases, vFlash does not meet the STmin setting requested by the ECU. (VFLS-45912)
    In case of large STmin values and large messages in seldom cases vFlash sent a consecutive frame on CAN bus too fast.
  • Some smaller issues are solved.