vArxmlEditor – New Tool for Vector's DaVinci Software for Displaying AUTOSAR XML Files

The new vArxmlEditor offers users of the Vector tools DaVinci Configurator Pro and DaVinci Developer an easy solution for opening and editing AUTOSAR XML files with arbitrary content. This allows developers of AUTOSAR ECUs to get a quick overview of the contents of the file and check them upon consistency. Another advantage is the ability to make small corrections or additions to the files.
The following practical functions are supported:
  • Easy opening and saving of AUTOSAR XML files
  • Display of the included AUTOSAR data as a clear tree structure
  • Editing of data including schema validation
  • Display of formal inconsistencies such as unresolved references
  • Search for types, names or values
A license from DaVinci Developer or DaVinci Configurator Pro is required to use the tool. It is provided as part of the DaVinci External Components Setup.


Screenshot DaVinci VArxmlEditor

vArxmlEditor: Opening and editing AUTOSAR XML files with arbitrary content.

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