DaVinci Developer 4.0 - Modern Look and New Functions for the Design of AUTOSAR Software Components (SWC)

The new major version 4.0 of the proven AUTOSAR tool DaVinci Developer presents itself in a new look and simplifies the design of AUTOSAR SWCs with new functions.

  • The new main window in the modern .NET style gives you a better overview and eases navigation to the various tool functions.
  • With the new hierarchical properties view you see all relevant object information even with nested objects with only one click. When selecting a port you can see the properties of the communication specification and the port interface with data elements and data types.
  • The new library concept makes it easier to reuse your design data. You place the common components such as data types or SWCS as a DCF library, which again you integrate into different projects. The contents of the libraries are displayed as read-only, so that they are protected from accidental changes.
  • The new file browser gives you an overview of all ARXML files belonging to a project and the design objects contained therein.

Screenshot DaVinci DeveloperGraphic design of software components (SWCs) in the modern .NET style.

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