CANdelaStudio 8.5 SP2


With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

Data Model Features

  • Feature: Libraries (EIP37946)
    New tree node "Libraries"
  • Feature: Self-Referencing Mux (EIP37611, EIP39876, EIP39874)
    CANdelaStudio supports a self-referencing Mux in ODX import and export, but no editing
  • BCD Value Handling (EIP38786, EIP39560)
    See online help [DTENC-R050]. The meaning of BCD values in CANdelaStudio before 8.5 SP2 has not been clear. CANdelaStudio 8.5 SP2 migrates BCD values under the assumption: the user entered a BCD value in CANdelaStudio < 8.5 SP2 using the default editing format "BCD" as if he entered hex digits, i.e. input string 32 meant 0x32.

User Interface

  • Create Diagnostic Instance vs. DID List Empty (EIP40459, EIP40460)
    In the DID selection dialog [DIUI-R030-Empty] shown when the user selects "New diagnostic instance", CANdelaStudio now provides a button to create a regular Diagnostic Instance (without DID). If the DID list is empty and the DID semantics [DID-R050] is set, it shows a message.
  • Cannot Create Diagnostic Instance in Diagnostic Class with OBD Services (EIP40554)
    In a diagnostic class with a 1 byte Variable Value, CANdelaStudio supports creation of a diagnostic instance based on a DID.
  • Frontend: Speed up display of Fault Memory diagnostic instance page (EIP39589)
    Right side of the "Fault Memory" diagnostic instance.
  • Edit TextID in Standard View (EIP36212)
    Dialog of menu "Edit | Edit TextIDs" allows editing of TextID in mode "Completion only" in Standard View. Object property dialog allows editing of TextID in modes "Edit" and "Completion only" in Standard and Expert View.
  • Menu Item for ODX ECU-SHARED-DATA only Sensitive if ODX Mode Enabled (EIP40769)
    Menu Edit. See online help [MENU-R150]
  • Mention Variants not ECU in Dialog before MDX Export (EIP40420)
    See dialog started in Menu File | Export
  • Show Modification Time not Creation Time in Module Manager (EIP41017)
    Menu Help: Module Manager Dialog
  • Allow TextID generation in TextID overviews (EIP36212, EIP41298)
    In any TextID overview (e.g. "Available DTCs -> TextIDs"), CANdelaStudio shows the button "Generate TextIDs" if the document supports TextIDs (mode != none), both in Standard and expert view.
  • Warning about Leading Size Byte for Fixed Length Data Type (EIP41272)
    For a data type with fixed length, but leading size byte(s), CANdelaStudio does not warn, but writes a status (debug) message.

Describe Requirements

  • Feature: Requirements Linking with Diagnostic Objects of Selected Variant (EIP40445)
    CANdelaStudio supports requirements linking not just with the base variant but with any variant. See online help [RQ-R010-Variant] and [RQ-R100-SelVariant].
  • Feature: DID Requirements (8.5 SP2) (EIP39520)
    CANdelaStudio supports requirements that lead to creation of a DID, but not a diagnostic instance. See online help [RQ-R030-DID].
  • Describe Requirements: Support Identifier (EIP39287)
    CANdelaStudio supports the Identifier for diagnostic instance requirements, see online help [RQ-R030-Identifier].
  • Feature: DiagClass at DTC Requirements (EIP40994)
    CANdelaStudio supports import and export of DTC requirements and placing them into / fetching them from different fault memory diagnostic instances. See online help [RQ-R030-DiagClassDTC].

Data Exchange

  • Integrate AUTOSAR Diagnostic Extract into CANdelaStudio Installer (EIP37687)
    Menu File | Export provides the export to AUTOSAR Diagnostic Extract.
  • SWC Sync (EIP39137, EIP41025)
    CANdelaStudio supports update of a CANdela document from an AUTOSAR System Extract. See online help index "SWC Sync".
  • When importing DTCs from ODX, create SDG structures compliant with the ODXStudio ECU Perspective (EIP40864)
    Menu File | Import starting ODX Import.
  • MDX40: Give warning if ranges are specified for data objects with neither a text table nor a linear data type (EIP40921)
    Menu File | Export starting MDX Export.
  • CANdelaStudio PatchInstaller ChangeLog (EIP40457)
    Customer specific path installers contain a detailed change log.


The Vector UDS Template is available via the CANdelaStudio Start Page (if not shown, enable it in Menu View), see online help on Example Files.

  • Enhancements for Vector_UDS_1.5 Template (EIP39938)
    Version 2.0: renamed "Common Diagnostics" to "Base Variant", removed unused data types, created data type for SAE Failure Type Byte.
  • Turn Off Functional Addressing for 0x2C in Vector UDS Template (EIP40743)
    Functional addressing for ProtocolService and Service 0x2C is off by default.
  • Warnings in UDS 1.5 Template (EIP40177)
    The template Vector_UDS_1.5.cddt produced warnings "The maximal allowed qualifier length is 64 characters... Qualifier detected... is too long."


  • Integrate new Vector License Manager Version 1.4 (EIP40722)
    Available via Windows start menu or CANdelaStudio menu Help. Changes: extend and delete expired licenses, display user and machine name in window title, update license data on F5, fixed repair against local license server, documentation of Third Party Software licenses.
  • Provide Interface to adjust the CANdela document before/after dedicated GUI-operations (EIP39508)
    CANdelaStudio can automatically start a plugin before the user saves a document or template, or exports a document to ODX.
  • Persistors: Migration for UDS Attribute Category (EIP41386)
    See migration [MIG85-R001].

Issues Solved

  • Crash during File Open (EIP39976)
    File|Open while import is running is now blocked.
  • Compare View crashes after second click on Transfer button (EIP41348)
    Happens if any update completely transfers all data from source to target such that there is no diff afterwards.
  • Default String Makes CANdelaStudio Hang (EIP40818)
    Variant coding diagnostic instance in Daimler document: open takes long time for large diagnostic instance.
  • CANdelaStudio crash during file open (EIP39976)
    Crash when an import is exectued and a cdd is opened in parallel.
  • Crash on Variant Coding Keys Tree Node (EIP40147)
    (customer specific for special tree node "Variant Coding Keys" when document contains DIDs)
  • Crash on deleting data types from Import Pool (EIP39474)
    Crash when deleting data types from the Import Pool, were some cannot be deleted.
  • Paste as Reference Resets Service Shortcut Qualifier (EIP40671)
    Paste of a diagnostic instance within a document reset the service shortcut qualifier
  • Lock Variant Does not Write-Protect Data Type Referenced in DID (EIP40782)
    Context menu item "Lock" of a variant. See online help [VAR-R015-cDID].
  • Target Group Overview allows modification of target groups at write-protected services (EIP40739)
    Menu View | "Target Group Overview". See online help [TGOV-R050].
  • Import Dialog Disappears when Selecting Individual Service (EIP40840)
    The "select services/jobs" dialog disappeared when checking a service in an un-checked variant.
  • ODX-Params without Bit/BytePos need to start on next Byte, not immediately after the last param (EIP40540)
    Menu File | Import. See online help under "Features/Import/ODX Import Bit Positioning".
  • Import Pool Synchronization Does not Cover DIDs (EIP40048)
    Import Pool did not synchronize data objects in DIDs.
  • Consistency Check Does not Warn about Violation of DID Consistency Rule (EIP41415)
    Consistency check now warns about violations of [DID-D020] Consistency Rule for References.
  • Compare shows identical DTCs as different (EIP39492)
    Compare must ignore byte order differences in the physical value type.
  • Compare does not filter out OID diffs in selector data objects (EIP40765)
    Filter toolbar in Compare dialog.
  • CDD not openable after Template Upgrade (EIP40946)
    If the ID of an overriding enumeration attribute is no more available in the new template, document upgrade now drops the overriding attribute with a warning. Future solution: EIP41487.
  • Used-Column not working correctly for data types (EIP40536)
    The data type list still showed a data type as "used" even after a referencing data object in a telegram table was deleted.
  • Invalid Multiplexer after Deleting DID (EIP41422)
    On deletion of a DID used in a Multiplexer (e.g. describing snapshot data specific for DTC) within a diagnostic instance, CANdelaStudio now correctly updates the Mux. Workaround so far: manually enter a data object in the Mux.
  • CANdelaStudio.ini cannot be saved if no INI exists on program start (EIP40497)
    Install CANdelaStudio on a new PC, options were not remembered since the INI file was not saved.
  • CANdelaStudio 8.5 logs to 8.1 log file (EIP41281)
    Since EIP14171 (6.0), a newer CANdelaStudio version takes the INI file from a previously installed version. The INI file contains the path to the logfile, which by default points to a folder specific to the CANdelaStudio version. In this situation, the migration now adapts the logfile path.
  • Too long revision history text will not be shown in history overview (EIP41249)
    Menu File | Revision History: the dialog showed long descriptions (> 55000 characters) as empty entry. Now it shows them up to 500 characters, followed by "...".
  • Fail to open Tools|Options after changing path of base directory (EIP40741)
    Menu Tools | Options | General.
  • Describe Requirements: Crash after a few times update of the same diagnostic object Icon issue for large document.
  • Describe Requirements: avoid duplicate IDs (EIP40406)
    For a telegram table containing two objects with the same requirements ID, CANdelaStudo no more generates a duplicate requirement.
  • Wrong Hint for Integer Requirement Column (EIP40767)
    In Requirements list: a user-defined requirements property [RQ-R040] with property type "unsigned integer" (GUI: "Number") must be an "unsigned integer", not just "integer".
  • Tree not updated to show new diagnostic instances (EIP27707)
    If a diagnostic instance is created from within requirements view, the diagnostic instance shall immediately be shown in the CANdelaStudio tree if the diagnostic class the instance is created in is opened.
  • Filter in New Diagnostic Instance DID Selection Does not Work (EIP41376)
    DID list shown for "New Diagnostic Instance" did not use the correct list of variant-local DIDs
  • Report writes wrong data in the first telegram table of variant (EIP40330)
    Report wrote data objects of SnapshotRecords and ExtendedDataRecords e.g. into Identification/VIN.
  • RTF export fails the second time (EIP40273)
    Unexpected error after report - close document - open again - report again.