Award for Vector for Contributions to Software Estimation

The study and white paper
Measurement of Software Size: Contributions of COSMIC to Estimation Improvements
received the Best Paper Award at the 2016 ICEAA International Symposium in Bristol in October 2016. ICEAA is the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association.

Vector has contributed with industry best practices from many consulting projects and with the Vector Benchmarking Database.

Estimation matters. Many projects and smart business ideas fail for lack of delivering on time and budget. Estimation and measurement methods are rarely used properly in industry and the public sector, contributing to the high level of project failures and over-runs. Thus, a common need across industries is to better forecast and estimate software and IT.

Estimation is an engineering discipline based on experience, data, transparent methods and common-sense. COSMIC, the Common Software Measurement International Consortium was created by an international group to develop a standard, ‘open’ measurement system and project estimation method applicable to all types of software. This universal Function Point method is standardized as ISO 19761.

To improve both your project performance and productivity, we recommend starting right away with introducing or improving the estimation process with a closed loop of estimation, planning, measuring, and periodically improving your estimates. Read this award-winning paper and learn about best measurement and estimation practices.

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Abstract: This paper presents
1) Foundations of estimation with Function Points 
2) Industry evidence for practical value of COSMIC Function Points in software project performance measurement and estimating from different industries covering IT and system/software development;
3) Automation of function points, achieving high accuracy for real-time embedded software specified in a Matlab-Simulink environment and developed through a global network of software contractors.

The paper was written by a group of international estimation authorities Alain Abran (Canada), Christof Ebert (Vector), Hassan Soubra (France), Charles Symons (UK) and Frank Vogelezang (the Netherlands).

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