CANape – Tailored to Your Application

Open Interfaces for Implementing Customized Functions

CANape is a universal tool for measuring, calibrating, flashing, evaluating measurement data, etc. You edit parameter set files efficiently and traceably with the integrated but also separately available CDM Studio. Both tools have comprehensive and powerful functions for all typical applications for optimal calibration of your ECUs. Nevertheless, there can be special cases in which the scope of functions does not match your needs exactly. By means of open interfaces, CANape and CDM Studio can be tailored to your purposes.

A few possible expansions are listed here as examples:

  • Integration of hardware measurement systems such as analog measurement technology
  • Integration of cameras for detecting driving situations or temperatures (heat patterns)
  • Communication using proprietary protocols
  • Development of CDM Studio plug-ins for optimization of parameters

We are happy to provide you with the necessary development services for this. Alternatively, in many cases you also have the option to perform the implementation yourself.

Open interfaces for implementing customized functions