New Version Indigo 4.5 – now Supporting Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Based on J1939

Indigo is an easy to use diagnostic tester that is largely self- configured and conceals the complexity of the diagnostic protocols.

With the new version 4.5 you will get an easy to use diagnostic tester that now, among other new features, supports commercial vehicle diagnostics based on J1939.

Highlights of Version 4.5

Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics based on J1939

  • Fault memory overview for vehicle and ECU
  • Graphical or numerical display of live data
  • Console for execution of diagnostic messages (DM)
  • Integration of Heavy-Duty-OBD (HD-OBD*)

PDF Reports

  • Comprehensive reporting in PDF / HTML
  • Report Designer for individual layout customization

OBD Extensions

  • Graphical display of OBD measurement data

Further Optimizations

  • DTC Inspector: Status of all supported DTCs at a glance
* available with service pack 2