Vector Logger Configurator 2.6 (FTE Edition) - Comfortable data export

For GL1020FTE logger:

  • Analysis package            +++ highlight +++
    • The compact analysis package contains all databases and information of a project, which are required for interpretation and conversion of the recorded data. The analysis package can be stored on the logger during test drives or be forwarded to colleagues for data analysis. The analysis package can be protected from unauthorized access by password.
  • Data export:
    • Support of the signal oriented formats  MATLAB v7.3 (MAT) and HDF5 (H5, HE5, HDF5).

The Vector Logger Configurator gets assistance by an expert for readout stations: 

  • Vector Logging Exporter        
    • The new Vector Logging Exporter is a comfortable and intuitive standalone tool for the readout station. With this tool the export of logging files to various file formats becomes even more efficient than before.