Easy Integration of System Basis Chips in AUTOSAR Projects

System basis chips (SBC) offer peripheral extensions for the microcontroller of an ECU. Frequently, the SBC also provides functions that are relevant to the AUTOSAR basic software. You will need suitable drivers to be able to integrate these external functions into an AUTOSAR project. Vector now offers SBC driver implementations in its AUTOSAR solution MICROSAR.

Depending on the chip that is used, the MICROSAR SBC driver might support functions such as watchdog or transceiver handling by offering an AUTOSAR-compatible interface to higher layers of the basic software. The AUTOSAR-conformant implementation makes it easy for you to integrate system basis chips into your AUTOSAR projects. Communication with the SBC is done via a suitable communications driver such as an SPI driver.

In addition, the new SBC driver from Vector offers a generic interface that you can use to control other SBC functions such as sensor interfaces. This interface makes it easy to access other SBC functions within an AUTOSAR Complex Driver (CDD) or within the IO Hardware Abstraction (IOHWAB).