CANoe 8.5 SP2


With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:


  • Graphics-Window: Improved check for setting user defined signal names
  • State-Tracker
    • Improved visualization hat high zoom factors
    • Resolved issues with drag&drop of signals
  • The sample configuration CANSystemDemo shows the usage of vSignalyzer to analyze signal based MDF logging files.
  • OEM Packages
    • Long Messages are displayed in the Trace window again.
    • Interaction Layer configuration dialog: The dialog will be opened in the visible area (2 Monitor use case).
    • The CAN Interaction Layer callback applILTxPending (long aId, dword aDlc, byte data[]) returns the correct ID.
    • Package releases since CANoe 8.5 Main Release
      • Audi FlexRay Package 1.0.7
      • Smart Charge Communication Package 1.5.3
      • Smart Charge Communication Package BMW 1.5.3
  • AUTOSAR Explorer: Usability optimizations in the Signal Export dialog
  • VT System
    • The application board VT7870 for the test of Smart Charging Communication can be integrated manually into the VT configuration
    • When VT6104/VT6204 are used, the applied bus channel assignment of each VT channel is now displayed automatically in the VT System Control Panel
    • Trigger timings for VT1004A can now be set in ns accuracy in the VT System Control Panel
    • Usability improvements of the FPGA Managers
    • Capturing supports MDF4 files (read and write access)
    • Several FDX files can be used in order to describe the XIL API
    • Data can be transmitted in an additional mode „On Demand“ from CANoe to the XIL API

Diagnostic Feature Set

    • New HSFZ Sample Configuration in combination with Option Ethernet (including display of Ethernet communication in the Trace Window, can be used with small modification also for DoIP)
    • New CAPL functions to transmit multiple DoIP/HSFZ-PDUs within one TCP message: DoIP_CreatePDUCombination(), DoIP_SendPDUCombination() and DoIP_AddCombinedPDU()
    • Stability enhancements and resolved some smaller issues
  • K-Line: Support raw K-Line ECU simulation without diagnostics definition
  • Added possibility to retrieve the version of a diagnostic description (CAPL functions diagGetDescriptionInformation() and diagGetDescriptionVersion() )

Test Feature Set

  • FlexRay PDUs can now be used within “JoinedEvents”
  • Switching of Variants of Test Units during Measurement corrected
  • Minor corrections within the COM server for Test Units

Option .LIN

  • ISO17987: Support of the Motorola format for signals

Option .FlexRay

  • Support of databases with B channel only.
  • Database filter: Usability optimizations: Detection and highlighting of node variants.
  • Databases with several networks in a file can be added with COM.
  • FIBEX Explorer:  Usability optimizations in the Signal Export dialog

Option XCP/AMD

  • Full support of XCPplus tags
  • A2L files can be changed in the XCP/CCP window
  • Improved visualization of time stamps at DAQ frames and of START_STOP commands in the Trace-Window
  • Resolved an issue when saving a closed XCP/CCP window

Option .Ethernet

  • Review the online help for CAPL Ethernet IL API, AVB IL, SOME / IP signal access and DHCP functionality
  • Stability improvements to the .NET Ethernet socket API when closing TCP connections
  • Stability improvements in Ethernet IG when closing TCP connections
  • An issue with identifier overlap in use of CAN and Ethernet DBC databases
  • Improved display of protocols FSA, MRP, ASNV and SOME/IP in the Trace Window
  • Performance improvement in SOME/IP Trace Window Analysis Value- and Message Filter
  • Performance improvement in the Trace Window Analysis filter for filtering SOME/IP-SD messages
  • Performance improvement through interpretation of DHCPv6 in the Trace Window
  • An issue were not displayed correctly in the in the Trace Window, the values of signals in dynamic arrays or of type typedef
  • Elimination of a problem in the Trace Window Analysis Filter for Ethernet AVB and IP which prevents that the configuration dialog can be exited with cancel
  • Performance improvement in the Symbol Explorer for SOME/IP for differentiating of services, events and service signals
  • Stability improvements of the gPTP protocol (AVB) which led to a communication abort
  • Stability improvements of the AVB IL if not all the necessary resources are available
  • Stability improvements in the Data Window when displaying SOME/IP Event and Field signals
  • Improved stability when using SOME/IP Event and Field signals in panels
  • Fixed an issue of Bus Statistic window in which information about the link speed, bus load and peak load after resetting the window no longer be updated
  • Improving the behavior when in DoIP two Ethernet adapters are connected to the same network
  • Fixed an issue in which a HSFZ Vehicle Identification Response frame is displayed as a UDP frame in the Trace window
  • Elimination of a problem in the Trace Window in the interpretation of DoIP if switched several times between DoIP and HSFZ
  • Stability improvements in treatment for overload control of the receive queue
  • Fixed an issue where the unsupported interface VX0312 and VX0344 and displayed in the configuration dialog as VN5610
  • Performance improvement in support of the signal based exports in the Trace Window
  • Performance improvement in SOME/IP-IL API that allows to create a service instance in several versions
  • Stability improvements in the selection of signals in the Graphic Window with very long names (> 255 characters)
  • Improvement of performance in transmission errors on the Ethernet medium now written in BLF logging files
  • Elimination of a problem where an Ethernet TX error in ASCII format logging is always displayed as RX-Event
  • Stability improvement in the Graphic Window when adding an FSA protocol signal by drag and drop
  • Performance improvement in support of the TCP header flags "Congestion Window Reduced" and "ECN-Echo" in the Ethernet Packet Builder

Option .Car2x

  • VN8900 is supported. For standalone mode the standalone extended license is necessary.
  • Trace Window: Highlighting for packets with protocol or security errors supported.
  • Data and Graphics Window: Symbolic interpretation of enumerations in ASN.1 based application messages supported.
  • ASN.1 data type 'SET OF' supported.
  • Explanation added how to use signals from Car2x application messages in Data and Graphics Window.
  • Sample configurations:
    • The V2x Basic Configuration contains a database with all SAE J2735 messages. Additionally the support of path points as been improved for the Basic Safety Message.
    • The Car2x System Demo and the V2x System Demo have been revised to show how to use signals from application messages in Graphic and Data Window.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Trace Window: Signature validation corrected.
    • Car2x Node Editor: Usability improved.
    • A plausibility check prevents the usage of the unsynchronized time from a WLAN device without GPS reception.
    • Minor corrections regarding the handling of the WLAN Frame Control
    • Car2x Certificate Manager: IEEE 1609.2 root certificates are generated with correct signatures.
    • Car2x Interaction Layer
      • Decode mechanism of function C2xGetTokenInt64() corrected.
      • Correct setting of values < 8 bit with function C2xSetTokenInt().
      • Signature validation corrected.

Option .AFDX

  • AFDX Interaction Layer: Performance optimization for Tx messages with many signals
  • Configuration template AFDX.tcn revised
  • ICD Manager
    • Combined Messages (Tx and corresponding Rx) may be selected together in one step.
    • Conversion is possible even if definition of connectors is missing.
    • Additional columns in the message list: 'Tx Equipment' and 'Rx Equipment(s)'
    • New options dialog
  • Resolved Issues
    • Wrong error notification ('Bitrate') in simulated mode removed.
    • AFDX VL Statistics: Defined minimum value 0 for added system variables
    • Interactive Generator AFDX: Stability improved
    • Logging File conversion: Message ID is handled correctly.
    • Offline: Channel mapping is considered for status and error events.
    • Import: Stability improved

Option .A429

  • Start Values Window supports A429 signals.
  • COM Interface: Bus type A429 supported.
  • SSM signal usage has been revised for signals of type 'BCD signed'.
  • Database template A429_template.dbc: Attribute 'GenSigStartValue' added for defining start values.
  • Trace Window – Detail View
    • Area 'General' has been revised.
    • More data is displayed for status events.
  • ICD Manager
    • Conversion of A429 databases is supported.
    • Combined Messages (Tx and corresponding Rx) may be selected together in one step.
    • Conversion is possible even if definition of connectors is missing.
    • Additional columns in the message list: 'Tx Equipment' and 'Rx Equipment(s)'
    • New options dialog available.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Interactive Generator: Signals of type 'BCD signed' are supported.
    • Statistic variables: Defined minimum values.
    • Bus statistic signals: Start values are initialized correctly.
    • Status system variables: Status events are updated on measurement start.
    • Invalid hardware parameters are identified on loading a configuration and are replaced by default values.
    • Trace Window – Detail View: Output for Tx errors corrected.
    • Logging: For error events the channel number is logged correctly.
    • Frame Histogram: Display optimized.
    • Simulation Setup / Vector IL: Activation of 'CANOEILNLVECTOR' in CAN/A429 gateway nodes corrected
    • CAPL
      • Access to BCD signals by means of the A429-WORD corrected.
      • On change of a channel-config parameter a status event is generated.
      • Function a429SetConfiguration() does not cause a measurement stop anymore.
    • CANdb++ Editor
      • Usability of multiplexed signals improved.
      • Usability of BCD signals improved.

Option .J1939

  • Resolved an issue with DTC history when 2 DTCs refer to same SPN
  • Resolved issue with TestWaitForJ1939(), ChkCreate_InconsistentDLC() and ChkStart_InconsistentDLC()