vSignalyzer 13.0 SP3


With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:

User Operation and Display

  • Configuration files can be loaded via drag & drop.
  • Improved working with templates for measurement data import converter
  • Several stability improvements.

Measurement Data Visualization and Analysis

  • The export and printout of split windows of a Graphic window is possible.
  • With the help of a new default page template, individual windows with comments of the measurement file can be printed.
  • Deactivated signals in display windows can be hidden either when displayed on the screen or in the legend of the printout.
  • The column to display the value difference between measurement and difference cursor uses the formatting that is set for the respective signal in the display.
  • If the mode "All signals" is activated in a display window, only the focused signal is removed when deleting.
  • At vertical scrolling to the top or to the bottom signal, deactivated and hidden signals are ignored.
  • The import and export of global variables of the type map/curve also supports the properties of their axes.
  • The macro {DISPLAYED_FILEID} uses the same index as the macro {DISPLAYED_FILENAME}.
  • The macros {DISPLAYED_FILEID} and {DISPLAYED_FILENAME} can be used on a display page to issue information on measurement files that are visible on this page.

Multimedia and Driver Assistance

  • "Shobunsha Super Mapple X/G" maps support on Win7 64 Bit

Working with Measurement Files

  • Measurement files in GLX format of the G.I.N. data logger can be imported.
  • When evaluating measurement data of XCP log files, files are supported in which the XCP measurement has been started several times.
  • When importing bus logging measurement files with FlexRay messages, the signal description is created also for the PDUs.
  • When importing bus logging measurement files, up to 256 databases and logical bus channels are supported.