vADASdeveloper 1.5 SP1


With Service Pack 1, the following changes become effective:

Improved time zone support: 

The Baselabs.DateTime structure has been replaced by the Baselabs.Time structure to achieve

  • a more clear and robust API to avoid mistakes when working with time zones,
  • a better distinction to System.DateTime and
  • that the time displayed by the Player shows the UTC offset of the time zone.

Improved replay support:

The Player class has been extended to support further replay use cases, e.g.

  • pins with dedicated names and data types,
  • data filtering/demultiplexing, e.g. to distinguish between multiple sensors that provide the same data type,
  • data conversion, e.g. to convert km/h to m/s,
  • data decoding, e.g. to decode CAN bus data and
  • enhanced ADTF DAT file replay.

The user interface of the Player component allows to set the current replay time using the slider.

Improved recording support:

The Recorder class has been extended to support further recording use cases, e.g. image compression to save disk space.