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Vector Group News


DaVinci Configurator



  • Exception on loading project with WdgIf config
  • Wrong display reference value in WdgRef if referring to other Wdg instance than Wdg

Hotfix - not distributed


  • Keyman Dongle stalls application with some USB devices
  • EcuM generator prints wrong error message for missing preconfigured configuration of CanTrcv_Generic1CanDio


  • Wrong installation of AR322 schema revision support
  • New AUTOSAR 4 version element results in 'wrong' warning when loading project
  • AUTOSAR 4 - BSW-IMPL node will not be found in some cases
  • Loading project creates duplicates of nested containers sometimes
  • JumpTo-functionality of message window may lead to crash

DaVinci Configurator Pro 4.1 SP1

New features

  • Print 'display name' of configuration entity created from long-name definition in GCE, parameter help...
  • Allow user to switch between LongNames and ShortName in GCE
  • Extend auto-set mechanism for enumeration parameters with one literal
  • Extend GCE with comment column to ease usage of comments
  • Add 'Create desktop shortcut' of current project to main menu
  • Provide new menu items of context menu in project explorer for all actions that are project-relevant
  • Show definition references in module list of project options
  • Support new license dongle (Vector Keyman)
  • Enable dll-lock-mapping for GENy-modules Eth, EthIf, EthSm, EthTrcv
  • Support AUTOSAR 3.2.2 specification

MICROSAR Generator

  • Provide $(DpaProjectFile) variable in external generator settings
  • Generation of %.Object% does no longer work correctly for each case
  • Generation of %.AbsoluteTargetDir% and %.TargetDir% does no longer work
  • Generationg with -m IoHwAbstraction fails with 'no definition found...' error message
  • Misleading message of 'No license found for module 'Dio'' on starting generator with -m Dio option corrected
  • Generating EcuM prints error message regarding to missing Mcu param

Fixed issues

  • First column is set read-only sometimes
  • Exception on parsing sip with corrupted file structure
  • Reference to inactive module may lead to crash when loading project
  • Missing online help for license manager
  • Issue with update of modified data on saving project
  • Wrong position of 'delete block' button in NvM blockdescription table
  • Emphasize is not shown with related editor frame in time
  • Recommended configuration for ForeignReference is not considered correctly
  • Reloading reference value fails sometimes
  • Splitted ecuc file - Board will be removed from EcuConfiguration/ModuleRefs list
  • JumpTo does not focus GCE if selected parameter is not found in comfort view
  • Empty arxml file will be saved for SIP with non-AUTOSAR-modules
  • Compare To... displays current project filename instead selected one
  • BSW-Implementation dialog does not show version information for AUTOSAR 4.0
  • Recommended configuration and Preconfiguration are not applied correctly for AUTOSAR 4.0
  • Use of JumpTo-functionality may result in crash
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