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ODXStudio 2.5 SP3

Download ODXStudio 2.5 SP3

With Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:

New Features:

  • Framework: Custom PDX generation (EIP22555, EIP22551)
    Single file may now be exported to PDX together with their external references. The behaviour is configurable in the project properties.

Issues solved:

  • Framework: Opening corrupted PDX archive on double click (EIP23096)
    Opening a PDX archive with a double click caused an error if the index.xml contained non existing file references. The PDX contents where not displyed then.
  • Framework: Variant shortname can not be copied with CTRL+C in the ODX 2.0.1 edition (EIP22946)
    In the ODX 2.0.1 edition a CTRL+C on a Base or ECU variant SHORT-NAME edit field caused an exception.


  • Installation: Integration of CANdelaStudio 7.1 Converter
    ODXStudio is now distributed with the CANdelaStudio 7.1 Converter. CANdelaStudio 7.1 CDDs may be opened and converted out of the box without applying the Persistor installer. Note: The integrated viewer still is CANdelaStudio 7.0 SP2.
  • Process perspectives: Many OEM specific enhancements in the process perspectives.
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