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CANape 9.0 SP6

This Service Pack has been replaced by a newer version that you can find in the download-center. Please contact the Vector support team if you need another SP version for your installation.

With Service Pack 6, the following changes become effective (SP1 to SP5 are contained):

User Operation and Display:

  • Issue fixed in case of inserting an array into scalar display windows when measurement is aborted by the user.
  • Issue fixed which lead to missing signals during loading of configurations with MATLAB/Simulink models.
  • Issue fixed if a space or semicolon is inserted in the search mask of the Symbol Explorer.
  • Issue fixed: In some cases wrong filenames are displayed as preselected files in the file selection dialog under Windows 7.
  • Issue fixed which lead to lost links of Panel controls to data objects.
  • Improved display and mouse usage in the Symbol Explorer on Windows 7 OS in case of high zoom levels.
  • Fixed licensing issue for license bits on FlexCard.
  • Issue fixed if a measured signal uses another signal as color function and a signal comment is added.

Communication Protocols:

  • Issue fixed which affected compiling of SKB functions with wrong code.
  • CAN/LIN: VN1630 hardware interface supported.
  • XCP on FlexRay: Bypassing usecases improved.
  • XCP on Ethernet: Broken communication fixed in case of master block mode enabled.
  • VS6xx: Fixed measurement storage issue in case of multiple recorder configuration.
  • XCP: Improved measurement stability for polling measurements.
  • XCP on FlexRay: Fixed bandwidth assignment issue in case of 32 bit alignment.

Measurement Data Acquisition:

  • Support of storing Motorola signals as part of structures in MDF4.
  • Support of storing measurement files to partitions greater 2 TB.
  • Improved MATLAB & ASCII export converter: Byte streams saved as ASCII text.

Offline Analysis of Measurement Files:

  • Creation of the Multimedia file name during import of logging files is enhanced.
  • Fixed installation issue of the MDF Shell Extension component.
  • Printing to large paper sizes is improved.
  • Issue fixed when importing BLF files with XCP on Flexray messages without timestamps.
  • Definition of local variables outside the function body is not allowed and will result in a compile error.


  • Issue fixed dragging text of the output window in the database editor.
  • Issue fixed in case of searching Linker MAP file entries on slow systems which resulted in an empty entry list.
  • Fixed issue when parsing A2L files which leads under some circumstances to incorrect interpretation of numerical values.

Calibration Data Management (Parameter sets & CDM Studio):

  • Fixed sort issue in case of create a report in CDM Studio.
  • Imroved handling of invalid calibration history files.


  • Fixed flashing via FKE files.
  • Fixed issue in case of activating a display page which includes a numerical curve/map calibration window.
  • The values of fix axis are correctly initialized in all use cases now.
  • Improved saving of configuration properties of the 2D/3D calibration window.
  • Fixed issue in case of loading configuration of the 3D calibration window with zoom factor which leads under some circumstances to an abnormal program termination.
  • Fixed issue when adjusting the axis values range of 2D cut to the 3D window in case of the value representation has changed.


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