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ProCANopen 6.3 SP1


Major Features:
  • Sleep/Wakeup messages are stored in generated databases for 447 networks.
    The messages
    - PowerManagementRequest
    - PowerManagementResponse
    - PowerManagementSleepRequest
    - PowerManagementWakeUp
    and their signals are created during storage of a 447 database.
  • The functions Export, Print and Print Preview are now available in CANsetter and ProCANopen Viewer.
Minor Features:
  • Values of Domain objects are displayed correctly.
    If an object of type Domain, TimeDifference and TimeOfDay has an initial value of "abcdef" and is read from the device, the value is displayed with cryptic characters.
  • Message names are correctly stored on database generation for 447 networks.
    If EDS files contain SDOs, wrong messages were stored.
  • Heartbeat messages are stored correctly for 447 networks.
    127 heartbeat messages were stored despite only 16 devices are available at a maximum according to CiA447.
  • On database generation all messages are stored per default.
    If a new project is created, the setting “Store only messages of nodes included in the current project” is deacti-vated per default.
  • Binary objects are displayed correctly.
    The object values of binary objects were displayed with cryptic characters.
  • Modification on SDO timeout values are stored.
    If the SDOTimeout value has been changes in the Options dialog, the value was not stored on closing the dialog.
  • CANopen Safety: Correct process for storage of the CRC checksum in object 0x13FF. If the object or its subobject was not available, no error message was displayed on storing the checksum.
  • CANopen Safety: SRDO state is displayed correctly after modification in the Device Access. If the transmission direction of a SRDO has been set in the Device Access, the value was not displayed correctly in the CANopen Safety dialog. A restart of ProCANopen/CANsetter was necessary.
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