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DaVinci Developer 3.0.36 SP1


With Service Pack 1 (Update to 3.0 Build 36), the following changes become effective:

Tool features:

  • Support of LIN Signal-Groups defined LDF files with the naming convention <signal_group_name>__<signal_name>.
  • AliveTimeOut is now imported from DBC and can be propagated using a new function in the data mapping view.
  • The newly introduced automatic ECU-C synchronization during workspace load/save can be switched off in the global settings dialog.
  • Display of calibration objects in the graphic can be switched off in the workspace settings.
  • Support of ARXML import pre-configuration using generic attribute IMPORT_MODE_PRESET.
  • Constant property "Generate Symbol" can now be set in Library-Browser via multi-selection.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 is now supported.
  • New dialog for automatic connection of ports with enhanced matching algorithm and selection of desired connections in prior to apply the auto-connect.

Fixed issues:

  • Wrong workspace conversion that causes missing Signal Group references during ECU-C synchronization has been fixed.
  • Inconsistent connections (wrong sender/receiver direction) were not detected by a consistency check.
  • Error message in the GUI when changing R-Port's "Handle Invalid" property has been fixed.
  • Compatibility settings could not be set properly in the workspace settings dialog.
  • DCF Utility did not show Activation Offsets in the ECU-Project binary file.
  • Missing check messages on inconsistent data mappings have been added.
  • Additional name information for "DEFINITION-REF" objects in difference view have been added.
  • Inconsistent structure of a complex constant compared to its data type have caused a generation error even if the constant was not actually generated.
  • Out-of-memory error message occurred in DCF Utility when opening large dcb files.
  • Missing sorting of FIBEX-ELEMENT-REF in difference view has been fixed.
  • Crash in DaVinci DEV has been fixed when switching to the ModeDelarationGroups in the properties view.
  • Show in software design command for runnables in task mapping page did not work.
  • Error Handling for ModeQueueLength '0' has been corrected.
  • Within the data element prototype page the CreateNewDataType button did not work.
  • During ARXML import the renaming a child object did not always work if the names only differ in character case.
  • External tool command line parameters are changed back to default if no parameters are given in the dialog.
  • The consistency check for Calibration Ports has been weaken to allow compatible interfaces that are not identical.
  • ARXML import failed if existing objects only differ in character case from objects that were to be imported.
  • Tool crashed when saving new SwBlockNeeds with a mirror PIM that had no data type.
  • In read-only SWCs the implementation popup menus were not disabled and tool crashes if menu commands was executed.
  • Tool slowed down after running several hours because of GUI resource leaks.
  • Wrong setting of working folder in attached files dialog fixed that caused error message while opening generated attached SWC template file.
  • Generated OSAlarm and OSEvents did not match because the setting 'use shortnames > 32' was not consistently communicated to the RTE.
  • Added multiple mapping of the same system signal on one frame to support the multiplexing use-case.
  • Extended support for Tx/Rx split and signal overlay in the Multiple-ECU use-case.
  • ARXML runnable import of Init-Trigger corrected if no other Trigger exists.
  • Fixed error while synchronize structure of a complex constant in AUTOSAR export if the structure of the complex data type has been changed.
  • Newly created graphic sheet names were not stored correctly in the workspace.
  • ECU-C file data was not fully loaded during opening DCF workspace if the AUTOSAR schema versions have been different.
  • Generic attribute definitions were not loaded during opening DCF workspace if a corresponding generic attribute did not exist at an AUTOSAR object.
  • Missing error message while opening incompatible workspace with RTE Generator fixed.
  • Generation of templates and contract headers is now allowed for service components.
  • Sorting of error/warning/info icons in the messages tab has been corrected.
  • The initial graphic scroll-bar position was often not correct.
  • Newly created Port-Prototypes are now automatically positioned near the original port.
  • Auto-mapping for was not working well with multi instance SWC.
  • Directory placeholders with workspace variables were not working correctly for DCF workspaces.
  • Service mapping was missing when exporting service layer components to ARXML or DCF.
  • Property dialog for NvM block needs threw an error when using read-only Component-Types.
  • Some issues in workspace merger functionality have been fixed concerning communication merge, generic attributes, and data-mapping.
  • The global attribute definition file in a DCF workspace can now be modified in the DCF-file to share it among DCF workspaces.
  • The Mode disabling dependencies for runnable triggers were doubled during the XML import.
  • Task attributes priority / description / schedule were incorrectly loaded from DCF workspaces.
  • Signal bit length was not updated from DBC file if the signal with data-type reverence already exists.
  • Service needs were deleted during special diagnostic import.
  • Bad performance while switching from structure design to port prototype view solved by specifiying the livst view as default editor for non-graphic use-cases.
  • ECU-C sychronize of Init Values produced unnecessary warning output.
  • Init value check for the Data Mapping did not work.
  • Incorrect Exclusive Area Access after DCF loading if AR 2.1 SWC are used together with AR 3.0 ECU-C file.
  • Attribute definition inconsistencies were not reported during DCF loading.
  • Inconsistent NvM block and PDAV order was not reported by a check.
  • Signal's unit was not imported via LDF file.
  • Crash has been fixed while opening ECU Project Software Design editor after large SWC was updated by importing new SWC definition.
  • Loading of global generic attribute definitions has been restructured to avoid overwriting with local attribute definition during DCF loading.
  • Wrong consistency message concerning maximum values was displayed due to rounding problems in physical value calculation.
  • Workspace settings were reset on saving a DCF workspace as DEV.
  • Read-only ECU-Projects were missing after loading a DEV workspace which was created out of an DCF workspace.
  • Crash during DCF save has been fixed if many read-only DCF files are about to be stored.
  • Signal length was set to null after a LDF file has been updated through the ECU-Project signal list.
  • Data mapping was missing after loading DCF workspace if atomic software components were multiply instantiated within an ECU-Project.
  • Update icon was not correctly displayed in Attached-Files dialog.
  • In rare cases DCF save aborted with COM Error 0x80070057 if the ECU-Project contains a large amount of Software Component Prototypes.
  • A wrong ECU-C file with invalid container definitions crashed the DCF workspace loading.
  • USB dongle access caused GUI freeze in some situations.


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