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CANalyzer 7.1 SP5


With Service Pack 5 (Update to 7.1 build 94. SP1 to 4 are contained), the following changes become effective:
  • LIN support of the CANcardXLe (ExpressCard) - please download and install the
    newest driver
    (Version 7.3 or higher).
  • The performance of the CAPL compiler was improved. Large CAPL programs are compiled more quickly.
  • CANdb++ supports multiplexor values larger than 0x7FFF for extended multiplexors.
  • BAP: Software configuration files for the BAP version 1.5 are supported now.
  • MOST150: The final feature set for 7.1 in is reached; the start menu contains a link to the MOST150 manual.
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