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Vector Group News


CANoe 10.0 SP2

Download 32 Bit
Download 64 Bit

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

Diagnose Feature Set

  • Several small corrections

Test Feature Set

  • CAPL
    • It is now possible to add and use callbacks for any check
  • With vTESTstudio Test Units
    • Reports in Test Report Viewer: Simultaneous usage of externalref’s and TraceItems is now possible
    • Within the window ‘Test configuration’, the selection of all matches after test search has been corrected

Option .CAN

  • CAN Disturbance Interface
    • Support of non-ISO CAN FD
    • Small improvements

Option AMD/XCP

  • Improved Drag&Drop of parameters into Graphics and Data Window
  • SaveAs (9.0, 8.5) keeps the XCP configuration for older versions

Option .Ethernet

  • Hardware filter for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, UDP and TCP Ports are supported
  • The IP-Network driver for PC’s on board Ethernet ports now supports Windows 10
  • Improved interoperability of HSFZ protocol and SOME/IP simulation
  • Improved handling of PDUs with same header ID and signal layout, transmitted in multiple VLANs.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Fix an issue with VN5640 interface’s hardware filter in operation mode "Simulation” when all Ethernet packets shall be blocked
  • Fix an issue with VN5610(A) in Bypass mode which shows an erroneous Ethernet packet as forwarded error packet instead of error packet.
  • Fix an issue with VN5640 interface in operation mode "Direct Connection" which may cause error messages if more than one channel is used.
  • Enable port based VLAN for simulated nodes if a VN5640 configuration requires VLANs


  • Increase max. length of SOME/IP UDP message from 8192 bytes to 65535 bytes.
  • Improved Service-Discovery handling when Ethernet link is interrupted and reestablished again.
  • Suppress warning text in Write-Window if IL state change function like ILControlXYZ called multiple times


  • Provide warning text in Write-Window if Ethernet packets are created but not destroyed.
  • Stability improvement when loading configurations with missing Interaction Layer DLLs


  • EthSetLinkStatus() now supports "on prestart"- and "on start"-handler in Simulated Bus mode, too.


  • General functional improvements

Option .ISO11783

  • Trace Window
    • Interpretation of TIM (Tractor Implement Management) messages
    • Improved interpretation of Process Data messages (Threshold/Time interval/Distance Interval)
  • ISO11783.dbc
    • New TIM messages (AUTH12, AUTH21, TIM12, TIM21)

Option .CANopen

  • New simulations concept supports Master functionality
  • For complex object a name space is created
  • Support for user specific data types
  • CAPL function to send EMCY messages
  • Improved CAN assignment with more than one assigned CAN channels

Option .AFDX

  • Extended settings for an AFDX channel (Light AFDX):
    • Abandonment of redundancy
    • Introduction of a minimal frame distance per end system (250 µs or 500 µs)
    • Maximum payload size 128 bytes or 256 bytes
  • Resolved Issues:
    • While replaying a logging file in offline mode, recorded BAG values are replayed.
    • Trace Window:
      • Highlighting of protocol errors in SNMP and TFTP has been corrected.
      • The detection of fragmentation errors at the end of a fragmented AFDX message has been corrected.
    • CAPL:
      • The output of manually configured AFDX messages (not configured in the database) by means of function A664TriggerMessage and mode 'Immediate' has been corrected.
      • The initialization of selector SubVLid in FDS mode has been corrected.
      • The call of event procedures has been revised.

Option .A429

  • ARINC-429 Interactive Generator: Import and export of ARINC-429-Words incl. configuration
  • Resolved Issues:
    • Drag & drop of signals contained in multiplexed messages from the Trace Window to analysis filters or to the Data Window has been corrected
    • Replay ignores GAP errors now.
    • ARINC-429 Interactive Generator:
      • The input of physical values for BCD signals has been corrected.
      • The manual trigger mode is supported.
    • CAPL:
      • The use of function a429InitPayload for ARINC-429-Words which are not specified in the database has been corrected.
      • The event procedure on a429Worderror was corrected and the detection of word errors improved.

Option .CANaero

  • Trace Window:
    • Specific icons for service events and for status events
    • The decoding of the PHSM (Periodic Health Status Message) has been corrected.

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