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CANoe 9.0 SP5

Download 32 bit
Download 64 bit

With Service Pack 5, the following changes become effective:


  • Shell Extension to display additional information of logging files (MDF, BLF, ASC) in Windows Explorer updated. Bugfix for special characters.
  • Support for VN8914
  • Graphics Windows
    • Position inside the legend does not change when a signal is deactivated
    • System variable updates are displayed correctly
  • AUTOSAR 4.2
    • Support of Diagnostics with CAN and FlexRay
    • Correct evaluation of the attribute „ Tx Frame Behaviour“ for the CAN /CAN FD transmission
  • Add on Module
    • AUTOSAR NM: Revision of the length calculation
    • Interaction Layer: The ILNode... functions support node qualification.
    • AUTOSAR Interaction Layer evaluates the AUTOSAR E2E profile 5 parameter correctly.

Diagnostics Feature Set

  • Integration of several small fixes.
  • Integration of the current CANdelaStudio View version

Test Feature Set

  • Command “awaitvaluematch” corrected to process multiple parallel criteria.
  • Variant treatment when inserting TestUnits via COM corrected.
  • Compilation of Test Units accelerated.

Option .FlexRay

  • FR-FR Gateway: All PDU-Frame Mappings are registered.
  • After ResetFlexRayCC deactivated frames are configured again.

Option AMD/XCP

  • AMD license bit enables also the option XCP
  • Unsigned 32bit and 64bit values can be entered correctly in the XCP/CCP Window
  • Illegal characters in DAQ event names are handled now
  • Duplicate value table entries are handled now
  • Saving of A2L files currently loaded in CANoe is possible again

Option .Car2x

  • Application messages are decoded even if included in packets with security layer with unsecured payload.
  • Trace Window
    • Import: Issue fixed with station based Trace highlighting
    • Issue fixed with database modification while a column filter is applied.
    • Detail view: Field PSID of the WAVE Short Message Protocol (IEEE 1609.3) is interpreted in case of two bytes as well.
  • Car2x Interaction Layer: Transmission of application messages with database attribute 'Certificate Sendtime' > 5000 ms is corrected.

Option .ISO11783

  • Virtual Terminal Interaction Layer (ISO11783_VT_IL): additional CAPL functions:
    • To iterate over the Object Pool (VTIL_GetChildObjectId(), VTIL_GetNumberOfChildObjects(), VTIL_IsObjectVisible())
    • To send the VT ESC message (VTIL_ESCMsg(),VTIL_ESC())
    • To send the VT ACK message (VTIL_ACKMsg())
  • Improved existing CAPL Functions for ISO11783_VT_IL:
    • VTIL_GetDisplayedValue(): consider the position after the decimal point
    • VTIL_SoftkeyActivationMsg():Does not send any unnecessary “still pressed” messages anymore
  • ISO11783_IL: Improved behavior in case of missing acknowledge

Option .AFDX

  • AFDX Interactive Generator: Performance improvement in FDS Mode
  • VN5610: A missing (unplugged) interface is detected on measurement start.
  • Resolved Issues
    • Memory optimization
    • AFDX VL Statistics
      • Determination starts after 500 ms and the min/max values are based on the currently calculated average value (column: Avg).
      • Offline mode respects now the BAG values from a logging file.
    • Trace Window: Signal lists are displayed according to the database which is assigned to the concerning channel.
    • CAPL: Modification related to BAG value (A664VLconfig) is now propagated to the internal scheduler.
    • VN5610: Dialog 'Network Hardware Configuration': Unused lines are handled correctly.
    • VN8900: Issue with hardware configuration solved.
    • Aerospace Message Editor V3.0 SP2: Display and usability improvements

Option .A429

  • Aerospace Message Editor V3.0 SP2: Display and usability improvements

Option .CANaero

  • Correct interpretation of Periodic Health and Status Message (PHSM)
  • Aerospace Message Editor V3.0 SP2: Display and usability improvements

Option .Ethernet

  • Improved handling of PDUs transmitted by means of TCP or IP-fragmentation.
  • Improved interpretation of SOME/IP service instances with regards to VLAN
  • Automatic activation of the VCC IP CP-protocol if the appropriate Addon-packet is installed.
  • Fixing an issue which prevents that CANoeIlNl_Autosar_Eth.dll can be used with VN8910.
  • Support of the function “TestWaitForSignalAvailable” for SOME/IP service signals.
  • Fixing an issue which may cause that a simulated SOME/IP node uses Service ID 0 for subscription at a server.
  • Fixing a problem which may prevent a SOME/IP node from unsubscribing when using automated generated Panels by means of the MGW.
  • Improvements handling multicast sockets with regards to SOME/IP w/o using Service Discovery.
  • Improvements handling SOME/IP w/o using Service Discovery.
  • Increase the length limit of a SOME/IP message from 4096 to 8192 byte.
  • Stability improvements in .NET API when accessing Ethernet
  • Fixing an issue which may cause using a wrong IPv6 address with regards to IPv6 linklocal addresses and VLAN.

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